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Do I Need a Streaming Device for Each TV? Discover All Options!

Streaming devices make life simple for those of us who like to use our TVs for more than what cable TV offers. But what if you have multiple TVs to work with? Can you use one streaming device for all the TVs in every room, or do you have to buy multiple devices?   Do …

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Which Home Theater has The Best Bass? What do you need?

When setting up your new and amazing home theater system, one of the most important factors is how it all sounds together. That’s a no-brainer because sound can really help to fully immerse you into a media experience, whether it’s playing games, watching movies, or more. So, having tinny, practically non-existent bass in your setup …

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Gaming Setup Tv Monitor

TV vs Monitor For Console Gaming – What To Buy?

Traditionally, consoles have always been pared with TVs. Being close to the living room and couch, that made sense. But things have changed and consoles can now be found in just about every room of the house. So, what’s a gamer to do for the screen? Can you use a computer monitor or do you …

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Home Theater System Surround Sound

Why Get a Home Theater System? You’ll Want One Today!

You may have heard of people talking about their home theaters, the changes they want to make to their home theaters, etc. and might have been left wondering, “Wait, what IS a home theater, and why should I care?” If this sounds like you, then never fear, this article has got you covered! Why get …

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Bose Soundbar 70066

Can You Use a Soundbar Without a Subwoofer? Drop the Bass!

It is good to have the right combination of speakers. A good soundbar and a good subwoofer can give you first-rate listening experience. Whether you are listening to your favorite song or watching the latest hit movies, an excellent sound system can play a vital role. But oftentimes, a traditional setup like this is not …

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Home Theater Projector Room

What Color Projector Screen Is Best? Choose Wisely!

Home theaters can be a fun addition to your home. They may provide you with family and friend quality time, as well as a means of relaxation. While setting up a home theater may sound relatively easy, your decisions on certain aspects will make a difference in the quality of the picture. One of these …

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Dell S718QL 4K Laser Projector in Living Room

Best Projector for Daylight Viewing

Finding an ideal projector for daylight viewing can be a real struggle. They weren’t originally designed for use in a bright room, so it took a while for technology to catch up to the demand for projectors that can be used in the daylight. Even with advancements in daylight projectors, there’s a wide variety of …

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Cinema Gaming Basement with Racing Game Chair

Gaming on Projector vs TV – What Is the Most Fun?

Since televisions are increased in size and provide as much as 77 inches large screen, the debate “gaming on projector Vs. TV” has been quite hot in the market and there are many different views on them. In the past, when gamers required a larger screen they would always opt for a projector rather than …

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Home Theater SVS Prime Center Speaker

Who are The Top Five Home Theater System Manufacturers?

A lot of people have asked themself, “Who are the top five home theater system manufacturers?” The answer to this question is very simple but there is a need to do proper research in order to find out the answer. There are several brands which are offering exactly what the customers need. These brands range …

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HDMI Cable Connector Close Up

Not Enough HDMI Inputs on TV?

With modern technology, there are certain things you need to know beforehand. Numerous individuals invest a lot of money on their television sets yet when they actually start using them, they find out that there are not enough HDMI inputs on their new TV. This means that at a time you can only use a …

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Dual TV Green Background

OLED vs LED Lifespan?

Which lasts longer, LED or OLED? It’s a question that has been asked as often as the sun rises. Yet it tends to be rather difficult and confusing to answer. Below, we’ll cover LED vs. OLED lifespan, explain how they differ, and help you decide which is best for your game cave. Before we can …

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BenQ CineHome 4K Home Theatre Projector on Table

Top 3 Best 4K Projector Under 2000$ – Optimize Your Home Theater!

When projectors were invented, they changed the game of visuals. The visual elements are the imperative elements to look forward to nowadays. Projectors use lights and rays to illuminate a figure and this makes the quality of watching movies, and pictures much better. There are numerous projectors available in the market but the best 4K …

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What Do Lumens Mean on a Projector?

There is nothing like watching a movie on a projector in your backyard with your friends and family! This is exactly why most people are interested in investing in a good quality projector but various buyers are not familiar with the details of specifications of any projector, as a result they end up wasting their …

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Dolby Speaker Diagram 7.1.2

Best Speaker Placement for 7.1 Home Theater

Figuring out the best speaker placement for 7.1 home theater systems can be confusing. Speaker placement can make or break the perfect movie and theatre experience. Picking the right speakers for your home, swallowing the cost of all the proper gear, and getting everything back to your house is hard enough. If you end up …

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2 floor standing speakers in a home theater living room

Top 10 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 200 Dollars

What is a movie night without the perfect audio setup? Without a good audio system, your movie nights and games nights are just dull and mundane. A good quality floor standing speaker can amp up your audio system with their spectacular sound quality. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to …

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over ear headphone on a desk

What is Dolby Atmos for Headphones?

Dolby Atmos offers an outstanding headphone experience with mind-blowing, mobile audio that moves above and around you. In this informative article, I will explain you what is Dolby Atmos for headphones. With Dolby Atmos, it is almost as though you’re inside the action because the sound comes alive with incredible richness and depth, and seems …

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