Eureka Gaming Desk L60

Best Gaming Desks: Our Top Picks for 2020

If you’re serious about upping your gamer rankings and truly obliterating your opponents, you’ll need the best gear that you can afford. One of the most overlooked pieces of gaming gear is likely one of the biggest and most obvious ones. It’s your desk!

Without a sturdy, stable, and ergonomic desk built with gamers in mind, you might as well set up your computer on a cardboard box in your front yard. Below, I’ll review some of the best gaming desks available in 2019, including selections for every size budget.


What Makes the Best Gaming Desk?

Not every desk will work well for gamers, but a lot of people overlook this important fact. A great gaming desk will have a good amount of space—it needs to hold a large gaming keyboard, a good-quality mouse pad, and your speakers.

The best gaming desks have gamers in mind, not office executives. We need space for a killer monitor, or enough of a lip to mount ergonomic monitor arms to support multiple screens. The top needs to be either smooth, so rubberized accessories can stay up, or it needs to be textured to help keep smooth-bottomed accessories in place.

Storage space is great for accessories such as headphones or extra keycaps. A lot of good gaming desks are now being designed with integrated hooks, shelves, and specialized storage spaces for those items.

If you’re lucky, you may even find a cool gaming desk with a built-in cup holder and an integrated USB hub.


Here Are My Top Picks of the Best Gaming Desks for 2019


ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This is the sexiest desk I’ve ever seen. While it’s not typical to see gamers standing to play, that doesn’t mean they don’t or that they shouldn’t. In fact. You can last a lot longer in games if you get a height-adjustable desk like this one so you can switch up how you’re standing or sitting. Since this is electric, it’s all easy adjusting and one-touch controls.

The height adjustment moves around 1.5” per second. That’s pretty darn quick for an electric height adjustable desk, yet slow enough not to knock your monitor over. It’s a quiet dual-motor lift system, too, so you won’t be waking the dead. You can adjust the height between 29” to 48”.

And guess what? It has a cool 6-button programmable controller. You get 4 customizable presets, too. That makes it a total snap to move from the sit position to standing.

This desk also has a curved center, allowing you to stand or sit closer to all the action. It keeps your accessories within easy reach, too. 71″ is a ton of space, so that curved center makes it much more accessible. As for the weight limit? How do you like the sound of 225 pounds of weight-bearing power? Yeah, I thought so, baby.

The only downside to this desk is the gag-worthy price tag. It is absolutely worth it, if you ask me. It’s the answer to sore legs, aching backs, and deadly blood clots—the sworn enemies of gamers everywhere.

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GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

This desk is great for gaming and all your home office needs, and at a very budget-friendly price.

With plenty of room for your fun side and your serious side, you can switch between tasks with a swivel of your chair.

The chair isn’t included, but you probably have a cool gaming chair anyway, right?

The corner-hugging design makes this desk small-space friendly, and it helps maximize your usable space, too, by leaving lots of legroom and storage space underneath the steel desk.

It’s relatively lightweight and easy to put together, so you won’t waste a lot of time fiddling with difficult instructions and complicated designs.

It even comes with all the tools you’ll need—sweet! Get this baby built quickly so you can jump back in the game.

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Eureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming Desk

This Gaming Desk is a decent mid-level desk with some impressive bells and whistles to keep your gaming on point. Most notably, it comes with a roomy 44.5″ by 24.2″ surface. That’s big enough to hold gaming essentials such as a killer gaming keyboard and speedy mouse, a couple of speakers, and a honking 40″ monitor.

The I-shaped legs are a proven sturdy design that can handle your deepest game-rage. Made with a cool mobile device slot, you can keep your mobile devices handy while you play.

That’s a neat design feature that a lot of modern gamers will find very useful—keep your notes, reference files, and music within easy reach. It also has a nice cable management system that I wish other desk designers would implement.

This stable desk has a max weight load of 200 pounds, which is more than sufficient for all your gaming gear and maybe some mundane work stuff, too. It’s also packed with some neat accessories, such as the cup holder, headset hook, controller rack, and a mouse pad.

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Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk in Espresso

This desk may not look like a gaming desk at first glance, but not all gamers need carbon steel and slick, modern, racy designs. I love the classic and elegant style of this wooden desk. It gives the appearance of sophistication while you rip through your enemies. Who says you can’t be posh and sophisticated while you own your opponents?

Since this is made of wood, it’s naturally sturdy and long-lasting. It’s been smartly designed with shelves and cabinet spaces to either display or hide your gaming gear however you like.

The L-shape is nice, giving you the freedom to keep gaming and work separate.

You have 60 inches of workspace, they claim, but we all know that’s really 60 inches of absolute ownage on the digital battlefield of your choice. There’s also a 4-port USB hub, and the desk can hold a hefty 200 pounds.

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Eureka Ergonomic L60 Gaming Desk

This is the second offering from Eureka on this list. It’s a stellar gaming desk with plenty of room for all your gaming gear, accessories, and even some stuff for work. It’s only lower on the list because the price tag is pretty painful to look at, but I think it’s well worth the cost.

Sturdy build, strong materials, and a design that has gamers in mind all make this a great addition to your game cave. It’s got an integrated power strip storage box and cable grommets to keep your wires in check. The cable management system even looks nice, not just plays nice. You’ve got 60″ of sleek desk space to keep everything you need close by, too.

This desk can hold up to 176 pounds. While that isn’t as impressive as some other desks, if you’re using this mainly as a gaming station, it should be plenty. The downside to this model is that it doesn’t come with some of the accessories pictured. Things like the keyboard tray and the CPU hanger will have to be purchased separately. For this price, I’d have liked to see all of that included.

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There are so many desks out there made with gamers in mind, it can be hard to choose. Each one listed here has benefits for gamers of all genres, so it all boils down to what you like. Is it all about looks for you, lightweight materials, sturdiness, or ergonomics? If you grab one of the desks listed here, let us know what you think!