Why Do Gaming Chairs Look Like Racing Seats?

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A trusty chair is an important part of any gaming setup. So, with the introduction of the gaming chair, many a gamer butt has rejoiced in comfort. But comfortable as they may be, gaming chairs tend to look a little… different than the average desk and office chair. In fact, the only chairs that look close to gaming chairs are the ones used in racing cars. Racing cars and chilling at your gaming desk are not quite the same thing, so, why do these two seats look so similar to each other?


Why do gaming chairs look like racing seats? Gaming chairs were originally based off of racing seats because racing seats were made for comfortable sitting for long periods of time. That is also needed for gaming chairs.


But(t) stay tuned, folks! that’s not the only reason gaming chairs look like the seats in race cars. They actually have quite the history around them, and some nifty science, too.


Why do gaming chairs look like racing seats?

Look in any furniture store and you’ll see there are chairs of varying types that come in a bunch of shapes and sizes. All these chairs were designed to fit a specific task better, though some were made just for a bit of added flair to any room. But one type of chair seems to set itself far apart from all other kinds by its sheer variation.


That’s right, I’m talking about the gaming chair. Any gamer worth their salt has their eye on some kind of fancy, usually quite expensive, incredibly comfortable chair made just for gaming.


These types of chairs are so outlandishly different from other kinds, it really makes them stand out. From futuristic fabrics to ultra-comfort shapes and personalized adjustments, gaming chairs are the modern-day throne. But what the heck is up with gaming chairs? Why are they designed the way that they are?


We have previously touched on this subject in past articles, so maybe you think you already know everything you need to know. But there is so much more to learn, my friend! Those articles merely touched the tip of the iceberg of gaming chairs, while this one has all the deep and important details of how and why they exist. So, if you’ve read our previous articles and wanted to learn more, you’re in the right place!


Not just any old chair

The most popular theory of where the gaming chair first came from is a pretty convincing story. As the legend goes, a company who originally made seats for race cars saw the untapped potential in the eSports community. It wasn’t that big of a leap, actually. Race car drivers and gamers—both professional and casual—needed to sit for long periods of time. And, of course, both had a long list of complaints regarding comfort using the older models.


Thus, the DXRacer brand of race car-inspired gaming chair was created.


DXRacer started to make new and exciting chairs originally targeted toward eSports players. Drivers and gamers spend incredibly long hours sitting, often without much room for adjusting how they’re sitting. The new eSports chairs were not only functional, but the eye-catching designs made the chairs feel more custom and interesting to look at as well.

The gaming chairs started gaining popularity fast not only for their unique designs but also their interesting features. Some features included powerful reclining, cup holders, USB charging slots, and most importantly their extra comfort for long-term sitting. Any gamer who has been forced to sit on a kitchen chair to game will tell you how amazing an extra-padded gaming chair can feel after that nightmare.

Fast forward to today and you can see that many different companies make and distribute a variety of these gaming chairs after seeing the popularity of the originals. That doesn’t mean all gaming chairs are created equal though.


What are the differences between gaming chairs and racing seats?

Aside from the obvious difference—racing seats are firmly installed in racing cars, while gaming seats have those fun spinning wheels that will destroy your toes—what other differences are there between the two seats?

The answer is: not much. Both of the seats have improved comfort and high adjustability, making them better than your average chair.


Why are gaming chairs so popular?

A lot of people, when searching for their computer chair, will stumble across at least one gaming chair during their search. But what makes them so popular?



A lot of high-end gaming chairs also come with some real snazzy features. Some of these features include, but aren’t limited to, USB charging spots, cup holders, fully adjustable armrests and seat back, and removable pillows that sometimes feature cooling and sweat-wicking technology.


For the fancy chairs, you can even get replacement parts, cleaning supplies, addons, and some even come with impressive warranties!



When the first gaming chair was created, probably the most important factor that was looked into was: “how comfortable is it, and how long can it be sat in without causing discomfort”? Both of these factors are important for a gaming chair, as gamers (both the professional and casual) tend to spend long hours glued to their seats. May as well make those seats as cozy as they can be for the long hours ahead!

Gaming chairs generally have really high and wide backs. This ergonomic design helps with support for your spine, lumbar, and shoulders. These areas are usually the first to get fatigued and injured over time, so these chairs are made with supporting them as much as possible in mind.


If you’ve ever driven a vehicle for a long time you know that it can start to make you feel fatigued. Imagine how race car drivers feel. Race cars have special seats built into them to help alleviate these stress points so the racers can focus on the sport instead of their aching backs. Since gaming also involves long, sometimes stressful sitting, gaming seats have been altered the same way, with positive results.


While gaming chairs are pretty awesome for casual and at-home gamers, there is a purpose to their cool designs. You can get up and stretch your legs at home. However, both racers and eSports players have to sit in a fixed position with fixed controls and a fixed location they look at. Doing that for too long can irritate certain pressure points on the body, and these chairs aim to minimize that as much as possible.



Recognizably Unique

Why else do gaming chairs look so strange? Imagine you’re watching a line-up of many different people, all playing the same game and all firmly planted in their office chairs. Now, imagine one of these people is in a gaming chair. Chances are good that your eye would be drawn to that person right away, all thanks to the pop of color and fancy shapes displayed by the gaming chair.

Part of the appeal of gaming chairs are that they are so recognizable, even from a distance. This surprising color and range of interesting shapes makes them more appealing to people want to grab your attention.

Some eSports players and YouTubers even have their own special line of gaming chairs, so now you too can sport the colors and styles of your favorite influencer and really feel like a part of the team!

Having a slick, sexy design may not be as important as how comfortable the seat is, but seeing as gaming chairs are marketed toward those high-end and serious gamers, it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of flair to your chair to really steal the spotlight. And nothing is wrong with splurging on something nice every now and then if you can afford it.



Do gaming chairs really make a difference?

While we do have a whole article dedicated to this specific topic, I figured that I would still go over this a little bit here as well, since they are closely related questions. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out this article!


Simple answer? Yes, gaming chairs are going to make a difference. But the long answer? Well… Yes and no. Gaming chairs were created with long hours of sitting in mind, so they are in fact going to be way cozier than a chair that wasn’t designed for that, such as one of those terrible plastic garden patio chairs or a squeaky old office chair.


However, recently, some certain companies that make office chairs have started to come out with much comfier types to pick from. Some even have the option of being custom built to your very own rear! Even though these super high-class office chairs can be at the same level of comfortable as the gaming chairs, office chairs still tend to lack the high back support that gaming chairs tend to sport.


A common complaint from people coming to gaming chairs from their dingy office chairs is that they feel more uncomfortable to sit in initially. But more often than not this is just because gaming chairs kind of force you to sit properly and not like the hunched over gremlin of gaming. I can attest that while they do feel strange at first, after about a week or so of adjusting, I felt my back stop being sore from the gargoyle-like posture I was sitting in before.

With the name “gaming chair” one might conclude that these chairs could somehow enhance your playing abilities. Sadly, in reality, they just improve your comfort over time and look snazzy in doing so. That’s definitely worth the price, if you ask me.


So, while gaming seats aren’t going to make you a god at gaming in any capacity, they are not only really cozy but also have many interesting designs and can also have many features and fun things to choose from. That might just take your whole gaming experience to a solid 10!



Both gaming chairs and racing seats tend to look the same because while both sports themselves are very different, they do both require that you be seated for incredibly long hours at a time. Since you’ve got to be seated for so long, it only makes sense that you at least be comfortable so you can be at your best and not focused on all the pain in your poor taxed bones. So, even though you’re not going to be going really fast and have the possibility for extreme injuries like you would for racing, pro gamers and newer gamers alike can agree that having a good chair makes all the difference for comfort and style.

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