Top 10 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 200 Dollars

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2 floor standing speakers in a home theater living room

What is a movie night without the perfect audio setup?

Without a good audio system, your movie nights and games nights are just dull and mundane.

A good quality floor standing speaker can amp up your audio system with their spectacular sound quality.

The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a good quality floor standing speaker for your home theater.

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We have reviewed our top 10 choices below and mention some pros and cons, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s Our Top Choice: Pioneer SP-FS52 (Andrew Jones Designed)

The good thing about these speakers is that you don’t have to make a lot of room for them, they are designed to fit in small places like the side of the couch or TV because they take more space vertically then horizontally.

Finding the ideal yet budget-friendly standing speakers for your home is not an easy task which is why we have compiled the list of top 10 best floor standing speakers under 200$. Each one of them has their own specifications and pros and cons.

You can choose the one that suits you best.

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Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 200 Dollars

Pioneer SP-FS52 (Andrew Jones Designed)

This speaker by pioneer is not hard on your pocket and is the best budget floor standing speaker yet will make your sound system a lot better.

They work for everything from movies to games to television series. You can use it with DVDs, CDs or even gaming consoles, it will not disappoint you.

There are three 5.25 inches woofers added which are surface structured along with powerful magnets to provide the bass required.

These speakers are designed in collaboration with Andrew Jones, if you know him and are familiar with his line of work, believing that this speaker is part of a highly acclaimed and award-winning series will not be difficult.

For smooth and balanced frequency at high volumes, an efficient dome tweeter is added which has a 1-inch high efficiency. This is also added to increase the sweet spot along with the newly designed crossovers.

The crossover is an eight-element crossover which helps in the blending of audio between the woofer and the tweeter.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “Pioneer SP-FS52” on Amazon.

  • The design of the speaker is made aesthetically pleasing and goes with almost all the themes.
  • The woofers added to give a very good beat and audio for all categories.
  • Comes with curved cabinets that reduce the internal standing waves for better quality audio.
  • The crossover is made complex which provides a better blending of the audio.
  • The bass is weak which is why an additional subwoofer is needed.

Sony Stereo Floor-Standing Speaker (SSCS3)

This floor standing speaker made it to the top 10-floor standing speakers under 200 dollars mainly due to the specifications and quality of audio it provides.

It can up the game of your home’s sound system as soon as it is plugged in.

The footprint is minimum and the speaker increases vertically and is a small floor standing speaker which helps in packing more speaker drivers.

The dual 5.25 inches woofers that are added to the speaker are made of mica foam.

This specific foam helps in minimizing distortion to the maximum and the widespread 0.75 tweeters which have a frequency production power as high as 50 KHz.

The tweeters have a high sound pressure which has been attained by a number of techniques that helped in reducing the weight.

The magnetic circuit incorporated is quite powerful and the voice coil is made of copper clad aluminum wire. It gives premium features and premium audio with minimum distortion.

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  • The edges are made of the tapered faceplate to keep the sound clear and distortionless.
  • The design of the speaker is such that the acoustics are made rich.
  • The structure enhances the quality of audio.
  • The cellular cone is mica reinforced.
  • These speakers lack midrange which is a turn off for some of the users.


Polk Audio TSi300 Floor-standing Speaker (Single, Black or Cherry)

The company, Polk, is known to make budget-friendly and low-cost speakers.

This certain speaker has found the spot among the top 10 best floor standing speakers under 200 dollars because of its exceptional sound quality and dynamic features.

The sound from these speakers has a wow factor which amazes most of the people since it comes under the category of best budget floor standing speakers on the market.

It has a standard 1-inch silk dome tweeter along with four woofers in the tower that are not only bi-laminate but are also made with a warm organic material which makes them ideal for playback sounds.

The dynamic sound tech gives a perfect balance and provides a distortionless audio which also makes this speaker one the best tower speakers on the market.

The structure is made with a furniture-like MDF and has baffled all around it along with other components for dampening the artificial acoustic resonance that is common in low-budget speakers.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “Polk Audio TSi300” on Amazon.

  • It has a warm, full and smooth sound.
  • It has bi-laminated organic woofers which are ideal for this price.
  • It has multiple artificial acoustic dampening components.
  • The tweeters have a 6.5-inch extended throw.
  • Sometimes you hear a buzz or whiz which is usually done to some loose components which can be tightened easily.


Polk Audio TSi400 Floor-standing Speaker (Single)

This speaker by Polk is the next version of TSi300 and a predecessor to TSi500.

It is the mid-range and mid-budget speaker by Polk that provides high-end features at a low cost. These speakers are ideal for a home surround system especially if you want to amp up your home theater surround system.

The power and fidelity provided by these speakers are outstanding. They also work perfectly as standalone speakers.

It is equipped with the typical one-inch silk dome with dynamic balance tweeter.

It has three 5.25-inch woofers in the furniture-like MDF tower which is specifically designed to dampen the artificial sounds. The sound quality is top notch and has minimum distortions which make it ideal for use in home theater.

It has a small footprint which adds it to the category of small floor standing speakers.

With the ideal price range and perfect distortionless sound quality, it easily comes under the category of top 10 best floor standing speakers.

  • The woofers are organic which minimized the distortion.
  • It has high power and fidelity.
  • It is covered by a 5-years warranty.
  • The price and quality ratio is perfect.
  • The bass is not as good as it should be.


Sony SSF-7000 Floorstanding 4-way Speaker (Pair)

This floor standing speaker is nothing old school.

The amount of clarity, transitions and smooth frequencies provided are comparable to expensive high-end speakers.

The bass and treble are usually affected when the cost is reduced but once these speakers are turned on, you feel the whole room filling with good bass and treble.

The structure is made of high quality.

One large 8-inch woofer that is mica reinforced is added for high-quality audio.

Apart from this, a 1-inch fine balanced dome is also added with a frequency response of approximately 45000 Hz to 50000 Hz.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “Sony SSF-7000” on Amazon.

  • High-quality bass and treble is provided.
  • The one large woofer improves the audio quality to a large extent.
  • The structure is sturdy and produced no kinds of distortions.
  • You get exactly what you pay for.
  • For frequencies below 45000 Hz, you will need a sub-woofer.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floor-standing Speaker

This speaker with a minimum footprint is a part of one of the most popular Polk monitor series.

It has three bi-laminate 5.25-inch woofers that have a dynamic balance and are lightweight yet stiff which provides good dampening that results in high-efficiency realistic audio. A 1-inch fabric/polymer tweeter is added with dynamic balance.

Neodymium magnetic structure is also added which delivers realistic high-quality audio.

Multiple small diameter woofers are added which gives a better mid-range and provides a wider dispersion. The structure is made with a non-resonant all-MDF enclosure that has 0,75-inches thick baffles for dampening as well as internal bracing.

The crossover has mylar bass capacitors as well. The small footprint makes it a small floor standing speaker and helps in fitting these speakers anywhere easily.

The wooden finish gives a dandy look to the speakers.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series” on Amazon.

  • Small footprint, means they can easily fit in the room.
  • Three bi-laminate woofers are added for better mid-range.
  • Magnetic system added provides good high-quality audio.
  • The structure is quite sturdy and has a dynamic balance.
  • Bass is not as good as it should be.


Polk Audio R50 Two-Way Floor standing Loudspeaker

This Polk speaker is part of the top 10 best floor standing speakers under 200 dollars due to the superior and high-quality home theater effect and music performance is given by it.

The slim tall design occupies a very small area that is less than one square feet. Moreover, the structure and outlook are in a cherry finish that goes with all kinds of themes.

This makes it one of the best tower speakers in the range.

The drivers and tweeters used are all dynamic balance so that the distortion is minimized by all means.

This also improves the response of the speakers. Three-dimensional sound quality is added to the speaker so that everyone in the room feels the beat and hears a crisp high-quality audio.

The speaker is equipped with dual 6.5-inch drivers for a radiating bass, the woofers have a surface area of 10 inches but have all the advantages of small woofers incorporated into it.

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  • Has large woofers with advantages of small woofers.
  • Are small in size which is why they can be easily accommodated.
  • Crisp sound is provided.
  • Has 3-D sound effect.
  • The bass needs improvement.


JBL ES80BK 4-Way Dual 170mm 6-Inch Floor-standing Speaker (Black)

These speakers by JBL have definitely earned the spot in the top 10 best floor standing speakers under 200 dollars due to the powerful bass it provides.

These four-way speakers have ultra-high highs and with dual 6-inch drivers with a proprietary PolyPlas low-frequency transducer.

It has a 4-inch mid-range transducer for local audio with extreme fidelity.

It has elliptical oblate spheroidal waveguides added to it which gives the best 3D sound effects in the room.

Each seat is the best seat as the complete room gets the best audio with excellent fidelity.

The amplifier with 25- 400 watts power range is one of the best features of this product.

It produces a full range of audio from an AVR. Apart from this, it has 0.75-inch HF and UHF tweeters.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “JBL ES80BK” on Amazon.

  • Precise imaging is delivered throughout the room due to EOS.
  • The mid-range driver provides a crisp sound.
  • The audio output is outstanding.
  • It has ideal magnetic shielding.
  • The standard packaging is not exactly ideal.


Klipsch Synergy F-30 Premium Dual 8-Inch Floor Standing Speaker

This speaker by Klipsch is a stylish and competitive speaker that has the nest synergy performance.

No matter what you play using this speaker, whether it is an action movie or a classical music movie, you will surely enjoy it with these speakers.

The details are ideally amplified for all kinds of sounds and the bass is breathtaking with the 8-inch IMG dual woofers added to the speaker.

Along with the woofers, 1-inch aluminum drivers are also added with exclusive tractrix horn technology.

These provide the perfect clarity and dynamism.

The tweeter and crossover used are completely redesigned which provide a larger soundstage and an improved balance.

The vinyl finish provides an ideal look and an elegant finish.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “Klipsch Synergy F-30 Premium” on Amazon.

  • There are two 8-inch woofers.
  • There is super clarity due to tractrix horn technology.
  • The tonal balance and soundstage are
  • The design is trendy and elegant.
  • There is slightly lacking in full midrange vocal sounds.


BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker (Black)

This slim tower speaker with the matte black finish is the star performer for all kinds of audios and videos.

It can be used in the front as well as in the back with your home theater or sound system.

It comes with a total of four woofers. All are 8-inches wide.

Two are active woofers while the other are two passive radiators which help in improving the sound quality.

It has a 5-way tower system with video shielding as well as magnetic shielding for dynamic balance.

Along with this gold-plated terminal are added for minimum distortions. The features added ensures extra bass for people who are very particular about the bass of the speakers.

For preventing video interference special magnetic shielding is added.

Read Reviews from Real Owners for “BIC America Venturi DV84” on Amazon.

  • Comes with a 7-years warranty.
  • Minimum video interference due to magnetic shielding.
  • Comes with 4 woofers.
  • Gold plater terminals are added.
  • For very high volumes, the tweeter might get damaged.


Conclusion: What Is Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 200 Dollars

These top 10 best floor standing speakers under 200 dollars are the answer to all your speaker problems if you are on a budget.

The best floor standing speaker with the highest quality audio for us is the Pioneer SP-FS52 (Andrew Jones Designed). Its specifications and the quality are more than what is usually offered in this price range.

The speakers are all top-notch and give you the best quality sounds.

You can go for any speaker that suits you and you will not regret choosing it.


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