Gaming on Projector vs TV – What Is the Most Fun?

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Since televisions are increased in size and provide as much as 77 inches large screen, the debate “gaming on projector Vs. TV” has been quite hot in the market and there are many different views on them. In the past, when gamers required a larger screen they would always opt for a projector rather than a television, obviously because a projector can give you the freedom to choose your screen size. Apparently, the screen size is more important to gamers than the screen resolution. However, the projectors being manufactured nowadays are also high resolution and can compete against the 4K televisions. If you are deciding to get a new gaming room with a big screen, you might be arguing with yourself whether you will enjoy a projector or a large screen television. Where projectors have become brighter and more affordable with time, television has also upped its game. Both have their own pros and cons based on which you will be able to decide what is right for you and what is not. Buying and choosing the right screen to fulfill your gaming needs is not an easy thing, there are so many aspects you need to look at including the screen size, resolution, speed, value, lightening etc. Looking at the behavior and choice of the players, the projectors are still not considered redundant rather in comparison to television, they are still winning at the number of pros they provide. One of the most important pros of a projector is its reasonable price in comparison to the same size TV. Another thing that stands out in these projectors is their portability and space storage. Unlike television, they don’t require lots of space to be set up and are also portable. So, it’s a convenient option for gamers who like to travel or don’t have a specific gaming room. In this article, you will be helped in the difficult decision of “gaming on a projector or a TV”. All you need to know to make your decision is coming right up.  

Decide Your Own Screen Size with a Projector

The first thing that comes to our mind when talking about a projector or a tv screen is the size of the screen. The larger the better right? But there are many limitations that we need to take care of as well. The space on the wall, the size of the room, the connections… each and everything can be a limitation. However, if you have a small room and don’t have enough space to set a projector, a short throw projector will do the charm. It can provide up to 90 inches large screen only at a distance of five feet. If you look at the prices, a decent television from a decent brand with a good screen size costs you something around $4000 but if you get a projector, that provides you a massive screen size with a good resolution and other specifications comparable to a $4000 television, you will get it in something around $1400. The screen size with projectors is not fixed like televisions, it is portable and changeable according to your choice. If you get a 90 inches large screen when you put your projector 5 feet away, you can keep it a litter closer to the screen and you will have a smaller display. When playing with your gang, you need a larger display especially when you require a split screen. With the versatile screen size options that are provided by a projector, you can easily achieve a large screen for the best gaming session. For this specification, projectors are a clear winner.

It’s All About Value

As mentioned earlier, the value of a projector is much more than a television. The first question that arises here is how will you find the value of your screen? Many people talk about the value of projectors and televisions but most of us still don’t know how to calculate the value of the screen. At first, you need to understand what the value of something is. Just buying a projector or buying a television will not help you find its value. The buying cost is not its value. The complete package which includes the sound system, the installation process, the hardware needed for installation and all the other tiny bits add to the value. Calculating the value is easy but a tricky task. You have to jot down each and everything that is needed to get the complete package ready. From nails to a professional installation fee to the cost of the device. You need to write everything down and sum it up. Once you are done, divide the cost by the screen size that is provided to you. You will find out the per inch cost, which is actually the value of the device. The larger the value, the more expensive the product. If you look at the total cost of the projector along with a sound system and installation process, the total cost is way lower than the televisions which increase its value. Similarly, calculating the value of a television, even if you decide not to install a sound system, you will see a television is expensive which is why its value is lower. After a detailed comparison, it seems that the winner for the value section is the projectors.  

The Perfect Sound

Klipsch Speaker Close Up If you want the perfect sound for your gaming room, the kind of sound quality that makes you feel that you are right inside the game, then my friend, without a doubt you need to invest in a home theater system or sound system that is specifically made for the purpose. When you are expecting your television or your projector to provide the same level of sound, then only disappointment follows your purchase. Now coming to a comparison of the sound quality provided by televisions and projectors, televisions provide a sound quality that is not very good, but it is not bad either. It is sufficient to hear everything clearly, but the sound quality is far away from producing the sound effects that are embedded in the game. In comparison to a television, the sound quality provided by a projector is quite low and is comparable to the sound provided by a laptop. Now that is very underwhelming for a proper gaming environment which is why installing a home theater system or a gaming sound system with a projector is very important. However, if you are used to using headphones with your gaming console, the need of installing a new sound system or even the need of considering a sound system is out of the picture. Looking at the specifications provided by both the projector and the televisions a clear winner in terms of sound is the television. The sound quality of a projector is not powerful enough to handle solo gaming sessions let alone the gang sessions where two or more players play in the same room.  

The Importance of Lightning

Movie-Home-Theater Along with the screen size and resolution, the lighting quality of the screen can also make or break your gaming experience. The lightning of a screen includes its brightness, contrast and the back light. The lightning quality, brightness, and contrast depend on how much you can see in an amply lighted room. Have you ever noticed the projector screen looks dull and faded when the lights are on, so usually in class presentations or office meetings the lights have to be turned off, in order to make the screen visible and clear. This depends on the lightning and the brightness of the screen. A bright and well-lighted screen will be crystal clear in a lighted room but a poorly lighted screen with low contrast require turning the lights off. Projectors, no matter how high quality and how well lit, cannot reach the brightness level of a television. Televisions nowadays are LED’s that provide a bright and well-lit screen that enhances the contrast as well as the back light, but this feature is lacking in projections. High-definition 4K projectors have a better light, brightness, and quality but at the same time, they are so expensive that it is almost unaffordable. However, if you compromise on the room lighting a little and done turn on the lights directly above the projector screen you will be able to see a beautifully contrasted and well-lit screen for your gaming session. With a slight compromise, projector screen can also do wonders in terms of lightning but still, looking at the pros and cons of both devices it is clear that the television is the winner here.  

Screen Resolution Matters?

4K Ultra HD Logo Screen size is not the only thing that is considered while buying a gaming screen for your gaming room. The screen resolution also gets plenty of attention. A large screen with dull colors, a little lighting and minimum contrast not only kill the charm of your gaming experience but also can be a complete loss of your money. As the gaming world is developing, the graphics are being pushed to the limit and the resolution requirements needed to clearly display these gaming graphics are being increased day by day. A fuzzy and unclear screen is always a turn off especially for a professional or mature gamer. While 4K high definition televisions are easily available, high definition 4K projectors are not very easy to find. Also, their prices go up a notch. Where a normal 1080P projector is available at a price of something around $1400, a 4K resolution projector will cost at least $2000. A projector cannot reach the screen resolution provided by televisions of the same size, but a compromise needs to be done between the resolution and the size of the screen. Your compromise is inevitable if you have money and space restrictions. However, if you don’t have any problem with spending money and want a high-resolution screen then the clear winner in this comparison is a television. Televisions nowadays provide a wide color range in their 4K HDR display, with a phenomenal contrast and a brightness that fulfills all your gaming needs. Also, in terms of resolution, the televisions are cheaper as compared to projectors that will rip you off if you go for a 4K HDR projector display.

Effect of Response Time

Response time is the time that takes the signals from the console to display on the screen. This is also known as the input lag. Most gamers are very particular about input lag and how it will affect their gaming experience. While gaming, each and every millisecond counts rather than a second which is why the input lag is a big deal for every gamer. If we look at the values, an input lag of fewer than 40 milliseconds is fine and is considered compromise worthy. Now coming to the processing powers and input lag that can be seen in projectors and televisions. In case of input lag or response time, both the television and projector are at par. There are special software and devices that help in measuring the input lag of any device. It records when the button on the controller is pressed and then records when the output is displayed on the screen. Since there is only a millisecond delay, the counting is way out of any human’s league. When the input lag of both, new generation television and new generation projectors was found, it was seen that the lag is around 16 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds for both. Hence, it is reasonable and works perfectly well with all the new generation games and gaming consoles. This amount of time does not disrupt your gaming experience so there is no problem. However, looking at the measurements and research carried out based on the input lag, it is seen that this one is a draw between the two devices in comparison.  

And The Winner is …

As technology is progressing, the gaming world is taking its technology to a new level but with new technology new requirements are also being introduced. The first and foremost of them is a high-quality and high-resolution screen that not only provides a better viewing ability but also enhances the overall experience. For this, gamers have always been debating whether the projectors are the correct choice, or the televisions are. One thing that needs to be settled here is that none of them is the wrong choice, both are right depending on the needs and requirements of the user.


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Best Overall LED TV for Gaming

Sony X900H 55-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (2020 Model), Works with Alexa

This reasonable yet perfect television for gaming uses the LED technology which provides the ability to display high-resolution images and videos with bursting colors and ideal brightness with back light. The Sony X900H is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Which means it can be used and controlled with voice control. It is a smart TV which means along with playing games you can use it for using your favorite applications. This Android TV by Sony is ideal for all kind of games and gaming consoles. Sony has a reputation for high-end screen display as well as ideal sound quality. Along with enhanced contrast control, this device also has the dimming technology and the display is very close to the real world. When the lights are off, the TV adjusts itself and provides the user with the perfect experience. The high-power processor and dynamic colors along with the large size provides a phenomenal gaming experience which makes the user feel that he/she is right inside the game. The best part is, with such an ideal sound quality you don’t need a third party home theater. Read the Reviews About The Sony X900H Here.


Best High-End OLED TV for Gaming

LG Electronics OLED55CXPUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2020 Model)

LG is a renowned electronics company and has a good reputation that precedes it all over the market. This top of the line 55 inches high-definition screen for gaming is something you will cherish for many years to come. It is an OLED tv that uses a combination of LED’s to produce the image. This not only improves the resolution and contrast the television displays but also reduces the input lag by a great degree. The 55-inches screen is packed with 8.3 million pixels which shows how high resolution the screen is. This television was constructed to take the colors and picture details to the next level and it has without a doubt achieved that. The audio technology and the smart assistance added to it actually increases the value of this television. At first, it seems like an expensive choice but if all of its features are cashed it has great value. It has google assistance added to it which helps in controlling the device from your smartphones. This includes using the magic remote along with other applications. The audio technology used is developed for a cinema-like a sound effect at home by Dolby Atmos, which is one of the best on the market. Read the Reviews About The LG OLED55CXPUA


Best Overall Projector for Gaming

Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma has been accomplishing great things in the world of projectors for decades and this projector is no less. At a very reasonable price, it provides its buyers with very high-quality 1080p resolution and 3000 lumens which makes the brightness and lightning of the screen ideal for gaming. The processor used in this projector is the next generation which is why it is compatible with most of the gaming consoles and also reduces the input lag. The throw ratio that is given by this projector is .49 which makes the projector more than ideal for gaming enthusiasts as well as people who like watching movies on a big screen. The best part of this product is that it comes with an enhanced gaming mode that takes everything to a new level. With an input lag of only 16ms, it provides an amazing gaming experience and is also compatible with Google Chromecast, Amazon firestick as well as Apple TV. The visuals that are provided by this projector are out of the world for such a reasonable price. The contrast ratio and the brightness are also top-notch. With the help of the contrast and brightness balance that is provided, the projector displays accurate colors and tones. Read the Reviews About The Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p


Best High-End Projector for Gaming

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe WirelessHD 3LCD Home Theater Projector

This home cinema projector is one of the best on the market and has stirred the market with its top-notch features. With its 4K enhancement technology and wireless HD features, it provides the best colors and the ideal resolution. Although it is expensive, the whole screen experience makes it worth the money. Its contrast, color, and resolution are unique and are not found in any of the other projectors on the market. It not only accepts 4K input but also supports all HDR technology. The screen visible has a burst of colors and helps you make the most of your screen or gaming experience. All kinds of distortions including the rainbow effect and white segment have been removed with the help of the advanced 3 chips design. It is constructed to give the users a cinema-like experience and the device does not fail to deliver it. With a range of different brightness levels and balance of colors it also provides 2500 lumens which are quite high as compared to other projectors on the market. It comes with a complete kit and provides an installation guide as well that makes the installation process convenient and easy. Read the Reviews About The Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe

Gaming on Projector vs TV - What is The Most Fun?

Gaming on Projector vs TV - What Is the Most Fun?

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