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Gaming Setup Tv Monitor

TV vs Monitor For Console Gaming – What To Buy?

Traditionally, consoles have always been pared with TVs. Being close to the living room and couch, that made sense. But things have changed and consoles can now be found in just about every room of the house. So, what’s a gamer to do for the screen? Can you use a computer monitor or do you …

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Home Theater System Surround Sound

Why Get a Home Theater System? You’ll Want One Today!

You may have heard of people talking about their home theaters, the changes they want to make to their home theaters, etc. and might have been left wondering, “Wait, what IS a home theater, and why should I care?” If this sounds like you, then never fear, this article has got you covered! Why get …

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Board Games College Students

Best Board Games for College Students – Dorm Room Fun!

We can all enjoy a nice board game from time to time, but what If you’re having friends over in your dorm room and don’t want to play the classic board games everyone knows and loves? The possibilities these days are endless and the quality of some of the games in this list are beyond …

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Poker Table Helmsley Green Felt

How To Clean a Felt Poker Table? Be Gentle With Felt!

Having a gaming table, particularly a poker table, with a felt lining can make the whole experience all the more inviting. Those fancy felt tables seem to call anyone around to play just one more game. Sadly, as nice as that felt can feel, sometimes accidents can happen and that can be tragic when everyone …

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Bose Soundbar 70066

Can You Use a Soundbar Without a Subwoofer? Drop the Bass!

It is good to have the right combination of speakers. A good soundbar and a good subwoofer can give you first-rate listening experience. Whether you are listening to your favorite song or watching the latest hit movies, an excellent sound system can play a vital role. But oftentimes, a traditional setup like this is not …

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vr sky woman clouds girl

Is VR Bad for Your Eyes? 5 Important Things to Know!

Virtual Reality (VR) has become an actual reality to many game caves around the world. These cool and futuristic pieces of technology allow users to experience incredible worlds in striking detail within a 3D world you can almost touch. All in the safety of your own home, office, or game room. While the cost of …

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X Rocker G-Force 2.1 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference? Read Before You BUY!

Professional gamers such as streamers, eSports players, and YouTubers alike more or less have one thing in common: their chairs. You may have noticed that these hardcore gamers almost always have an imposing or otherwise impressive-looking chair behind them, seeming to loom over them with their neon colors and wavy designs. They’re almost hard to …

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Solo Card Games

What Are Some Card Games You Can Play by Yourself? Have Fun!

So, you’re all alone in your awesome game cave, either by choice or unfortunate happenstance. What the heck are you supposed to do now? How about grabbing your trusty deck of plain ol’ regular playing cards and getting ready for some entertaining solo play? That’s right; you can totally play card games all by yourself …

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Home Theater Projector Room

What Color Projector Screen Is Best? Choose Wisely!

Home theaters can be a fun addition to your home. They may provide you with family and friend quality time, as well as a means of relaxation. While setting up a home theater may sound relatively easy, your decisions on certain aspects will make a difference in the quality of the picture. One of these …

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Foosball Table Close Up Kickers

How Much Space Do You Need for a Foosball Table in Your Room?

Both easy to learn and fun to play with, a Foosball table can sometimes really help to bring that extra dimension to your game cave. However, not everyone has an Olympic stadium for their cave, so knowing the dimensions of the room and what you wish to fill it with can really help to make …

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Equipment Table Tennis

What Equipment Do You Need for Table Tennis? It’s Simple!

When you are researching your options for fun indoor activities, it’s likely you’ll come across news of table tennis, otherwise known as ping-pong. It is a popular, fun, and simple sport to pick up. But many websites out there are pushing players to buy a ton of useless stuff, claiming it’s all required to fully …

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esports pc gamer

25 Different Types of Gamers – Who Do You Want to Be?

Gamers come in many categories and even more sub-categories. Types of gamers can even be ranked, kind of like guilds and earning prestige just by playing certain types of games. Certainly, they get judged, often by one another. While this can be fun sometimes, other times it gets a bit annoying. All of this weird …

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darts miss dartboard

7 Ways of How to Protect Wall and Floor from Darts

The game of darts is both easy to learn and quick to set up, which has made it an extremely popular game to offer in game caves around the world. Whether your dartboard is set up in your home game cave or in your business, you’re likely concerned about the damage darts can do to …

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Close Up Monopoly Board Game

12 Important Reasons Why Board Games Are so Expensive

When people first get into board games, seeing the price tags on some of them can be a huge shock. Many people wonder why something so simple can cost so much money. It’s not like it’s a television or expensive sound system. It’s just a bunch of paper, plastic, and cardboard, right? Why are board …

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White Gaming Desk Bed

How to Make Your Room a Game Room? Transform It Now!

Any room can be a game room, but sometimes you want your entertainment in the most relaxing room in the house. Bedrooms can be quite small though, which poses significant issues for aspiring game rooms. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your bedroom into a game room, we’ve got the perfect guide for you. How …

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Redragon RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard Close Up

Do Gaming Keyboards Make a Difference? Get More Results!

When it comes to video games, you don’t actually need to spend a huge amount of money to have fun. However, being able to game like a pro means putting a little more thought and sometimes more money into certain parts of your rig to help you kick major butt. One of the first pieces …

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board games tabletop

Is There a Difference Between Board Games and Tabletop Games?

It’s not unusual for websites to list games as either tabletop games or board games. Sometimes people use the terms interchangeably on those sites. But other websites are apt to hang you out to dry if you call a tabletop game a board game or don’t know the other lingo. So, what’s the deal? Is …

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What Is a Game Room in a House? Optimize Your Spare Room!

The term “game room” is thrown around a lot these days without much thought to what it actually means. The term means something different to a newbie than it would to a seasoned gamer or a person adept at entertaining guests. If people can’t even agree on a definition, how can they be expected to …

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Shadows of Brimstone Board Game Close Up

What Are Indie Board Games? 9 Games to Try TODAY!

Anyone who loves playing games can understand the desire to make your own and share it with the world. You have a cool idea and maybe even some friends who want to help. Way back when board games first became popular, it was nearly impossible to get your game seen. However, in today’s modern world, …

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Should I Switch to PC Gaming? 7 Reasons Why You Should!

Choosing your gaming platform can be a tough decision. Many people tend to stick with consoles because that’s what they first learned to game on. However, a lot of gamers jump ship and head over to PC gaming once they mature and their tastes get an upgrade. There are plenty of reasons why they do …

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Black and White Razer Gaming Headset Hanging on Wall

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Headset? 6 Tips!

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a pro, gaming headsets are a must. However, once you start your search you are blasted in the face with hundreds of headsets, headphones, and microphones. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can feel a bit overwhelming to say the least. With the help of this …

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vr oculus rift sim racing

The Best VR Headset for PC Racing Games – PC Only!

There are lots of guides out there about VR headsets, comparing and rating them to help consumers choose. Yet there is one big thing missing from all those articles. They’re all so vague, they never specify which headsets are good for specific game genres. Well, that ends today. If you’ve ever wondered what the best …

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Shiny Dart Flights Close Up

Best Dart Flights to Use – Advice for Beginners and Pros

When it comes to darts, every little aspect matters. From the weight of your darts to the shape of your flights, one tiny change can mean the difference between a win and a devastating and embarrassing loss. Below, we’ve reviewed the best dart flights to use whether you’re a beginner just testing the waters or a …

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PS4 Pro Close Up

Best SSD for PS4 Pro

The new PS4 Pro is an excellent product for serious console gamers and newbies alike. It comes with a load of new features to enhance your gameplay and give you an edge on the competition. The technology used in this console is the most advanced yet, and adding a dedicated SSD will only make things …

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Unpack

Best Power Supply for GTX 1080 – Avoid One Big Mistake!

The GTX series is the long-standing powerhouse of graphics cards and the envy of every gamer. Touted as the fastest, most reliable, and visually impressive cards on the market, you can expect great things from any card in the GTX line. But the fan favorite in 2019 is still the GTX 1080. With as much …

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Dell S718QL 4K Laser Projector in Living Room

Best Projector for Daylight Viewing

Finding an ideal projector for daylight viewing can be a real struggle. They weren’t originally designed for use in a bright room, so it took a while for technology to catch up to the demand for projectors that can be used in the daylight. Even with advancements in daylight projectors, there’s a wide variety of …

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Cinema Gaming Basement with Racing Game Chair

Gaming on Projector vs TV – What Is the Most Fun?

Since televisions are increased in size and provide as much as 77 inches large screen, the debate “gaming on projector Vs. TV” has been quite hot in the market and there are many different views on them. In the past, when gamers required a larger screen they would always opt for a projector rather than …

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Home Theater SVS Prime Center Speaker

Who are The Top Five Home Theater System Manufacturers?

A lot of people have asked themself, “Who are the top five home theater system manufacturers?” The answer to this question is very simple but there is a need to do proper research in order to find out the answer. There are several brands which are offering exactly what the customers need. These brands range …

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HDMI Cable Connector Close Up

Not Enough HDMI Inputs on TV?

With modern technology, there are certain things you need to know beforehand. Numerous individuals invest a lot of money on their television sets yet when they actually start using them, they find out that there are not enough HDMI inputs on their new TV. This means that at a time you can only use a …

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Golfbiljart Bumper Pool Table Steelblock

Bumper Pool Octagon vs Rectangle – One BIG Difference!

An interesting trend in the pool table market has appeared. Traditional large billiard pool tables are being replaced by bumper pool tables. Bumper pool tables are sensible alternatives to standard pool tables because of their unique and distinctive shapes. The value goes beyond appearances though. Let’s explore bumper pool octagon vs rectangular tables to help …

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Sparco Racing Cockpit Pro FIGHTER

Best Gaming Chairs – The Ultimate Buying Guide!

Gaming chairs have been growing very popular in the last few years. In terms of gamers, people usually say, “you get to upgrade your game and your PC, but you don’t get to upgrade your spine”. This sentence on its own puts enough emphasis on how important a gaming chair is and how much it …

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Single Monitor Desk Mount

Best Monitor Arms – The Ultimate Buying Guide!

Individuals who spend a lot of time on the computer know how bad a sitting position affects your back and neck’s posture and how bad it starts hurting after a while. If you approach this medically, the bad seating posture and curved neck position readily increase the risks of developing herniated disc, sciatica and scoliosis. …

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Zoomed In Darts Board Skilled Throw

The Top 5 Best Darts for Beginners – What to Look For?

Darts has become one of the favorite games played worldwide. Though there are many companies that produce darts of all levels, it’s best to choose the best darts for beginners when you’re first starting out. Choosing the wrong set, or a set designed for professionals, can seriously inhibit your enjoyment and the rate at which …

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Darts Reflection on Wooden Table

What Weight Darts Do The Pros Use? Get More Results!

The game of darts is played all over the world for recreation and as a professional sport. As such, there are different levels of equipment you can buy. Darts come in different weights, sizes, and shapes. All aspects are important, but the weight of the darts is the most important thing to consider. What weight …

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Full Tower Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro with Red Lightning

Top 3 Best Full Tower Case for Watercooling

In this new era of highly stylized gaming and computer networking, finding the things that you need to protect your computer are getting more complicated than ever before. A tower case is a component of the computer that contains the more sensitive parts of your computer. Excluding the keyboard, mouse, and the screen, the main …

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Dual TV Green Background

OLED vs LED Lifespan?

Which lasts longer, LED or OLED? It’s a question that has been asked as often as the sun rises. Yet it tends to be rather difficult and confusing to answer. Below, we’ll cover LED vs. OLED lifespan, explain how they differ, and help you decide which is best for your game cave. Before we can …

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BenQ CineHome 4K Home Theatre Projector on Table

Top 3 Best 4K Projector Under 2000$ – Optimize Your Home Theater!

When projectors were invented, they changed the game of visuals. The visual elements are the imperative elements to look forward to nowadays. Projectors use lights and rays to illuminate a figure and this makes the quality of watching movies, and pictures much better. There are numerous projectors available in the market but the best 4K …

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Gaming Motherboard and GPU on Computer Desk

What Does a Motherboard Do for Gaming? It’s Crucial!

The motherboard is the most critical part of the computer. It is basically the central circuit of any computer that connects all the peripherals and parts of the computer. Moreover, the job of regulating power to other critical parts of the computer is given to the motherboard. For heavier computer functions like gaming or heavy …

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black mechanical keyboard on office desk

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming? Choose Quality!

Understanding mechanical keyboards is a daunting task but by getting an overview of what it is and what its benefits are, you might be able to make the correct choice for yourself. Basically, in mechanical keyboards, the actuation point is lower, which means the time in which the command, that a key is pressed, travels …

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What Do Lumens Mean on a Projector?

There is nothing like watching a movie on a projector in your backyard with your friends and family! This is exactly why most people are interested in investing in a good quality projector but various buyers are not familiar with the details of specifications of any projector, as a result they end up wasting their …

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Woman in Zero Gravity Chair Living Room

Top 3 Best Recliners for Back and Neck Problems

Awareness about recliners have been increasing in the past decade and there are a number of innovations that are being added to these recliners for the betterment of the user’s posture as well as other problems related to the spine, lower back problems, neck and lots more. Back pain is something inevitable, especially with the …

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be quiet! CPU air fan and Corsair Liquid CPU fan

Top 3 Best CPU Fans for Gaming – Liquid or Air Cooling?

While you are on your computer, whether you are doing office work or playing games, you would have noticed that the central processing unit (CPU) gets hot at the time. This can ruin the hardware and damage other components of the CPU, which is why CPU coolers are needed. They are basically coolers to get …

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blue recliner with relax woman

Is Sitting in a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

There is nothing like laying back in a recliner and watching television after a long day at work. Most of us look forward to this time to unwind and let our worries melt away in comfort. But have you ever noticed any lower back pain or tightness when you are in your recliner? Many people …

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Fat Cat Original 3-in-1-six Foot Flip Game Combination Table

The Ultimate 3 Best Combination Game Tables Reviews

Combination game tables are so popular these days because of their unique space-saving and money-saving qualities. Whether you have a full game room or simply want to use a smaller space more wisely, a combination game table might be your best bet. Among the best combination game table reviews, the one that we found most …

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Dolby Speaker Diagram 7.1.2

Best Speaker Placement for 7.1 Home Theater

Figuring out the best speaker placement for 7.1 home theater systems can be confusing. Speaker placement can make or break the perfect movie and theatre experience. Picking the right speakers for your home, swallowing the cost of all the proper gear, and getting everything back to your house is hard enough. If you end up …

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Intel Core i3-8100 and Core i3-8350K

Top 3 Best i3 CPU for Gaming

Most individuals will tell you that it’s better to opt for higher and more recent processors like the i5 and i7 for the best gaming experience. However, if you’re only now starting out, you can just as well make do with a processor like the Intel Core i3-8100 Desktop Processor for online gaming and many …

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Children playing on a Air Hockey Table

Top 15 Best Air Hockey Tables for Home – Ultimate Guide!

Air hockey is growing popular day by day, whether it is among kids or grown-ups. A gaming arcade without an air hockey table is incomplete and if you are planning to make a small gaming room at your home, investing in a good air hockey table will be your best decision. It has all the …

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Inada 3S Medical Massage Chair Beige Leather

Are Massage Chairs Good for your Health? Major Benefits!

Massage chairs are prevalent since the idea of at-home massages is something everyone looking forward to availing. With the invention of massage chairs, you too can enjoy the experience to rest at home and feel great. Massage chairs offer the same relaxation as you’d get from any luxurious spa within the comfort of your own …

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2 floor standing speakers in a home theater living room

Top 10 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 200 Dollars

What is a movie night without the perfect audio setup? Without a good audio system, your movie nights and games nights are just dull and mundane. A good quality floor standing speaker can amp up your audio system with their spectacular sound quality. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to …

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Pool Hall with Billiards Tables

Difference Between Billiards and Pool Table

Enjoying a game that waters the appetite for friendly competition without being physically drained with friends and loved ones is the best way to relax after a grueling and stressful day at work. There are many sorts of game tables and types of game play, therefore I will try and explain the difference between Billiards …

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UHD TV Curved in a living room

What Do You Need for 4K Gaming?

4K gaming, a very high resolution (4,096 pixels by 2,160 pixels) form of game play is fast becoming more accessible. In addition, this will be the new standard for the future. So, what do you need for 4K gaming? In this article I will help you understand what 4K gaming is all about and what …

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metallica star trek and pirates of the carribean pinbal machine

9 Reasons Why Pinball Machines Are so Expensive?

The fun and excitement that comes with playing the pinball game is legendary; it is generally not controversial. Some people will have to cough up a tangible amount of money just to enjoy a game. They wonder why exactly Pinball machines are so expensive. There are myths around these things but this article will help …

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wooden snooker table in a modern man cave

Top 10 Best Pool Tables Under 1000$ – Find Your Perfect Pool Table!

Buying a right pool table without spending a fortune can be tough. There are tons of online sellers available, who are providing different pool tables. However, the issue starts where you do not know what to pick and what is the right choice for you? Therefore, if you are struggling with finding the perfect pool …

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over ear headphone on a desk

What is Dolby Atmos for Headphones?

Dolby Atmos offers an outstanding headphone experience with mind-blowing, mobile audio that moves above and around you. In this informative article, I will explain you what is Dolby Atmos for headphones. With Dolby Atmos, it is almost as though you’re inside the action because the sound comes alive with incredible richness and depth, and seems …

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