Are Massage Chairs Good for your Health? Major Benefits!

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Inada 3S Medical Massage Chair Beige Leather

Massage chairs are prevalent since the idea of at-home massages is something everyone looking forward to availing.

With the invention of massage chairs, you too can enjoy the experience to rest at home and feel great.

Massage chairs offer the same relaxation as you’d get from any luxurious spa within the comfort of your own home.

With various kinds of massage chairs being made every day, you might be wondering…


Are Massage Chairs Good for your Health?

Well, to answer that simply, yes they are. Massage chairs are cozy and these not only give you the luxury of a great massage at home but also offer various other benefits.

Read on to find these out:

  • Stress Relief

    If you have a very busy daily schedule, you’re quite likely to be stressed all the time. You should know stress can be unpleasant and harmful for you since it can affect your heart and mental health.
    Actually, in this day and age, stress is a norm for various people who worry about jobs and cost of living. To combat this buildup of stress, you need a way to relieve yourself and that can be done through channelizing stress. Since a massage chair is easy to keep and maintain, it is great to reduce stress whenever you get back home.

  • Anxiety Treatment

    With the varying economy, job and societal issues these days, 6 out of 10 people suffer from anxiety. In order to be able to deal with daily tasks, you need to get a handle on your anxiety and avert leakage of energy. How can massage chairs help with this problem, you ask? Well, they’re the best way to rest the aching parts of your body to deal with all your anxiety symptoms.

  • Pain Treatment

    Many folks around the world are known to suffer a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia. Patients have to deal with the excruciating body and joint pain every day, which can’t be relieved by surgery or medication.
    Massage chairs are a great way to deal with the pain in such conditions. Massage recliners have been specifically designed with the most up-to-date technology to fix stiffness and aches in the body. That is why you or anyone you know suffering from such painful conditions should consider keeping one in your home.

  • Stiffness

    Stiffness is something every working citizen is familiar with. It is something you will definitely feel if you do any exercise, whether it is for sports, work or otherwise. There is a lot of work that requires numerous exercises or just a lot of sitting or staying at home. If you do such jobs or activities, your muscles will undergo exhaustion that will cause stiffness and pain in your body. Massaging chairs have installed airbags that can rise and deflate to massage your body’s pressure points to test the stiffness.

  • Relaxation

    Every person deserves to rest and relax after a tiring day of work. In fact, if you are mentally and physically rested, you will be able to work even better at your job and at home. Many massaging recliners come with music systems that are great for calming you down mentally. Once you have soothed yourself, you can work on the physical relaxation with a good massage in a massage chair. This way, you can have all the relaxation you want every day so that you stay healthy throughout.

With all these great benefits, it comes as no surprise that massage chairs are good for your health.

Check out these 5 massage chairs to see what’s available on the market today.

Massage Chair Side Effects

Massage chairs usually only promote positive health when used properly. However, some individuals do say they experience some side effects when they use the chairs wrongly or more than required, like:

  • Pain

    Some massage chairs have deep tissue massage settings that can cause slight pain from the pressure. Neural and muscular tissue can be improperly irritated which can be annoying for people. Any aches that come from chair use are usually slight and only stay for a small amount of time. You can feel better after a few hours or sometimes a few days, which can be annoying for people.

  • Circulation

    If you have problems with your blood circulation, you should ask your doctor before getting a home massage chair for yourself. If you’re suffering from conditions like blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis, these can be worsened with massages.

  • Allergies

    Some people are allergic to materials like soft leather, which is something that is used in most home massage chairs. If you have a problem with allergies to any specific massage chair surfaces, cover your skin before using the chair. Wearing some full cover clothes can help avoid these allergy problems so that you can use the chairs with ease.

  • Infection

    The massages given by a home massage chair can help your muscles excrete out enzymes and waste product. It is best to drink a lot of water throughout the day after a message. That way, all the toxins can be flushed from your body quickly and easily. If your immunity is deficient because of any condition, ask your doctor before getting any massage chair. You should try to avoid infections from the toxins released after a massage.

  • Bruising

    Some people have problems with bruising or breaking their skin really easily. If you have such bruising problems, make sure to use soft pressure during your massage. Avoid the hard massage setting of your massage chair if you don’t want to be bruised.

  • Low Blood Levels

    Massages can reduce the body’s blood sugar. Diabetics should ask their doctors before getting a massage recliner to see if massages affect their blood sugar too drastically.



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Can Massage Chairs Hurt your Back?

Massage chairs aren’t made to injure their users.

However, by using massage chairs, some people can feel back pain. Since your back isn’t used to to the massage pressure, it can result in soreness.

The back stiffness you feel later won’t usually last long. If you have back issues like herniated discs or pinched nerves, massage chairs can worsen these problems as well.

Now that you know the benefits and side effects of massage chairs, you can decide whether owning one is a good idea.

Whether you are getting one for luxury or relaxation, you now know that massage chairs are great for your optimal health.


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