Top 3 Best Full Tower Case for Watercooling

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Full Tower Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro with Red Lightning

In this new era of highly stylized gaming and computer networking, finding the things that you need to protect your computer are getting more complicated than ever before. A tower case is a component of the computer that contains the more sensitive parts of your computer.

Excluding the keyboard, mouse, and the screen, the main parts of the PC are kept in the tower case.

There are different types of tower cases but the most popular ones are the midi-tower case and the full-tower case.

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The Best High-End Full Tower Case for Watercooling:

Cooler Master SGC. This case is new and dynamic and has a very modern touch to it which makes it the perfect partner of any gamer.

The Best All-Round Full Tower Case for Watercooling:

Phanteks Enthoo Pro. It is a reasonably priced item that will cater to all your needs while also giving you a smooth working experience.

The Best Cheapest Full Tower Case for Watercooling:

Corsair Obsidian. If you are starting out in the computer world, this is a good full tower case to begin the journey with.

It is better to have a full tower case because the benefits are much more than those of the other types. In the whole, a full tower case is larger and bigger in size than the mid-tower case, which makes it easier to fit the big motherboards, large fans, and more expansion slots in the case.

Full tower cases are better for a long-term investment as they will last for more years than the other cases. They tend to be flexible in their use and no matter where you plug them, you can get the results that you want.


Best High-End Full Tower Case for Watercooling

Our Pick: Cooler Master SGC-5000W Stryker SE Full-Tower Case (Tempered Glass)

This is a clear winner of a model because the Cooler Master SGC comes with all the features any pro gamer would need. It is stylish with a tempered glass casing which allows you to see inside the tower and check if everything is in perfect condition. It also as a vertical display, which is modern and uses a screen to show the necessary information.

The LED is top quality with bright colors.

Moreover, you can carry this model around as it is not heavyweight at all. The carrying handle is smooth and is made of leather, which won’t get damaged easily. The USB ports are fit in so that they do not get loose with use. The full tower case for watercooling is high end and you can keep it on any type of surface.

The bottom remains safe and no scratches come on the surface of the tower case.

If you are looking for a high-end full tower case for watercooling then you have to choose this item as it gives you all the features you require in a case but also does not make it difficult to handle the case in any position.

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Key Features:
  • There is a separate fan speed controller that allows the speed to be managed.
  • The LED indication is used to display the speed limit for easy access
  • There are two extra PCI slots that are put to enable VGA vertical display.
  • There is a Radiator support on the front and back sides of the casing.
  • There are several reasons to buy this model but the one that tops them all is that only this model can give you the standard and reputation you need in the computer world.
  • It will immediately boost your popularity and although it is expensive, it is a must-have for computer lovers and gaming enthusiasts.

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The Best All-Round Full Tower Case for Watercooling

Our Pick: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis

An all-rounder in its field, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Case is one that can be used by anyone. This case is a mix of the modern design but it has also retained the qualities of the old cases which were sturdy and could withstand any damage.

The windows allow the user to see into the case without opening it up. If there is some obvious damage, it can be understood from the outside. This budget-friendly case has all the fans needed to cool down your system.

Anyone who wants to go for a level above than average, they should opt for this model. It comes in a unique steel black color which is Matt so it does not flash in lights.

The full tower case is also a bit smaller than the usual size of full towers so it is easy to handle and move around.

If you are looking for the best all-round full tower case for watercooling which is reasonably priced but also easy to work with then you should choose this model.

It will help beginners and professionals to achieve their standard of work.

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Key Features:
  • The front fan and the rear fan are both big in size which allows the air to move inside out swiftly.
  • Four different areas in which the radiators are installed to better cover the components and cool them down.
  • It is easy to maintain with the dust filters put in places which are removable and cleanable.
  • The split window design allows for a unique look that is envied by all pro gamers.
  • The main reason why you should buy this model is the fact that it can be used for a good while and be your money’s worth
  • It is built for easy use and the people who have used it for their computer component’s say that it is the best bet for all levels of work

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The Best Cheapest Full Tower Case for Watercooling

Our Pick: Corsair OBSIDIAN 750D Full Tower ATX Case

The Corsair Obsidian 750D Full Tower ATX Case is specially made for those gamers and computer users who like to stay within a specific budget.

This is a cheap full tower case for watercooling that not only protects your computer but also gives you a way to keep it running for a long time. This full tower case is black and has some parts through which you can see the components.

It is appreciated by people who do not want to show off their motherboard and protect it from outsiders. The model is compatible with a variety of motherboards and hence is the cheapest option for use.

The front aluminum protection can withstand any amount of humidity, minor pushes, and major scratching from heavy objects. It is a strong tower that will be there for all your needs no matter how and where you store it. This model also comes with a warranty that might not be given by its competitors.

If you are looking for a cheap full tower case that solves your problems, you must pick this model as it is dynamic and works well in all conditions. It will be worth it until you can save more money to upgrade to something more advanced.

Go Check out the “Corsair Obsidian 750D” Reviews from Real Owners on Amazon.

Key Features:
  • The full tower case has nine different expansion slots which allow for a big sized motherboard to fit in with ease.
  • There are two modular cases which can be used in a variety of dynamic ways.
  • The radiator and fan compatibility top notch with both things working in sync with each other.
  • The CPU cooler height is big enough to cool down the system even in extremely hot weather.
  • The reason to buy this model is solely the quality it offers at such a low price
  • A definite must-have for those people who are starting out in this field and do not want to spend so much initially

Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Investment?

A full tower case for watercooling is not something you should take lightly when you go out to buy it.

It is an investment that will either last you a long time or one that will damage your computer. The components which are stored in a full tower case are the most important ones for your computer. You should not take a risk with this specific item.

A full tower case can take you right into the heart of the computer world where you will learn so many new things. The big motherboard that can fit in this case will make your work easy and your software fast.

As mentioned above, the winner in The Best Full Tower Case for Watercooling is the Cooler Master SGC.

You will not find a unique item like this anywhere in the market. The people who have used it already have classified it as one of the most innovative full tower case presented to the computer world till now.

It is a bit expensive so you would have to check your budget before going to buy this model but you will not regret your investment even once. Go out and get a full tower case before it is too late.    

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