What Does a Motherboard Do for Gaming? It’s Crucial!

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Gaming Motherboard and GPU on Computer Desk

The motherboard is the most critical part of the computer. It is basically the central circuit of any computer that connects all the peripherals and parts of the computer. Moreover, the job of regulating power to other critical parts of the computer is given to the motherboard.

For heavier computer functions like gaming or heavy processing, the motherboard needs to be stronger to endure the heavy flow of power and rapid circuit operations. Without a strong motherboard, your computer’s processing unit might end up getting slower and might develop the problem of heating up as well.

Now coming towards the newly created hype of a special motherboard for gaming computers. To understand what does a motherboard do for gaming? We have to understand the main difference between a normal motherboard and a gaming motherboard.

Where a normal motherboard is designed for normal daily life operations like writing an article, using social media, watching movies, creating documents etc. gaming motherboards are developed with heavy, sturdy and durable materials that can endure the maximum of pressure.

The copper wires used are heavier and thicker, the processor is run at a heavier clock rate, the capacitors are of higher quality and capacity, the sockets are high-end etc. multiple things are used on the motherboard and for gaming each one of them is of a higher and better quality. Where these intense operations can be easily handled by a motherboard, it is highly likely that your motherboard will heat up after a heavy gaming session, this heat may end up damaging a few parts.

For this investing in a good quality CPU cooler is very important. This article is all about helping you understand the significance of a motherboard in a gaming computer and how switching to a gaming motherboard will ergonomically improve your machine’s value.


Components of The Motherboard

Capacitors and other components on the motherboard

A motherboard is a complicated combination of multiple components which are there to do their part. The motherboard has the responsibility of keeping them connected and to ensure a power flow.

The significant components of a motherboard are:

  • Expansion slot: this slot is available to add an expansion card which provides expansion to the computer’s memory or provides an extra memory. There are 4 different kinds of expansion slots used.
  • RAM slots: this slot is used to add the RAM card to the motherboard. You can also add extra RAMs if you think your computer is getting slow or needs a better random-access memory.
  • CPU socket: this socket is present to connect the central processing unit to the motherboard. This way the power starts flowing to the CPU as well.
  • BIOS: this is the basic input-output system that comes predefined with a computer software. This can be modified by going to the computer’s BIOS mode.
  • CMOS battery: this is a small battery that is responsible for keeping the BIOS information saved. If this battery is removed, the BIOS information is lost.
  • Connectors: different type of connectors are used to connect different parts of the motherboard.
  • Co-processor: a critical part of the motherboard which is used for solving mathematical and graphical problems.
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Intel Core i3-8100 and Core i3-8350K

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Can You Use Any Motherboard for Gaming?

The answer to this question depends on your preference.

A normal motherboard can also be used for gaming computers but it is recommended that you use a motherboard that is compatible with your hardware. Definitely, if you are a gaming enthusiast you will use the gaming hardware required, whether it is a keyboard, mouse, joystick or whatever.

The processing requirements for a gaming computer are also higher than a normal computer. So, if you are building yourself a gaming computer with all the gaming hardware it is very highly recommended that you invest in a good gaming motherboard as well. As mentioned earlier, a gaming motherboard has stronger connections, ports, slots etc. which can endure high processing tasks. Even if you go for very high-end brands like Dell or HP to buy your motherboard, they might end up damaged after an extremely heavy gaming session.

Moreover, investing in a gaming motherboard is a one-time fatigue, unlike normal motherboard that will have to be changed after every few months due to the processing inefficiency. So, to prevent physical and financial fatigue, it is recommended to invest in a good quality gaming motherboard once.

Do Motherboards Affect Performance?

Arrow Ascending Graph

The motherboard is the most critical part of a computer. It has all the main operations of a computer running through it which is why the condition of the motherboard has an immense effect on the processing ability, the function and the operation of a gaming computer.

If your computer’s motherboard is in a bad condition you will notice all the other parts of the computer glitching and causing problems. The CPU, keyboard, mouse, RAM, ROM, BIOS and what not, everything is 100 percent dependent on the motherboard of your computer.

If your motherboard is fried, your computer is fried. If we consider a business company, the logistics are a significant part. It is the basis of all the communications and complex operation in the company. Similarly, the motherboard is the basis of all the communications, complex operations, power supply, et cetera, in a computer. Without it, the computer cannot run for a single second. Therefore, the condition of the motherboard and its specifications have a great effect on the performance of a computer.

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Why is The Motherboard The Most Important Component?

As mentioned earlier, all the necessary operations in a computer are carried out based on the motherboard.

A motherboard has zero feasibility on its own but when attached to a computer it becomes the heart of the computer.

A computer has to have a motherboard to operate. The motherboard is the center of all the connections and power supplies that take part when a computer is turned on and is processing any kind of information. Everything that is a part of the computer is either plugged into the motherboard or is getting supply from the motherboard.

From the motherboard of a computer, you can understand each and every part of the computer. The sockets show the time period of the construction of the computer, the CPU socket shows the kind of central processing unit used, the BIOS can also be determined from the motherboard.

All these factors make it the most important part of the computer.

Three Gaming Motherboards You Can Invest In

Some of the top of the line motherboards for gaming present on the market are reviewed as follows to help you make a better choice.



This motherboard is designed to be compatible with the newly released 8th generation processors.

The connectivity and the speed are greatly improved.

An added gigabit LAN and Intel optane memory compatibility improve its feasibility to a great extent.

It has an in-built FanXpert for fixing the auto-clocking in case it prevails.

The personalization abilities that this motherboard gives its user is unmatched. It has added RGB headers and 3D printing mounts.

Moreover, safe slots are added to it so that if you want any e-slots in the future you can add them.

The audio abilities of this motherboard are also remarkable like all its other features.

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MSI Arsenal Gaming Intel Kaby Lake Z270M DDR4 HDMI USB 3 CrossFire ATX Motherboard

This gaming motherboard is developed for the 7th as well as 6th generation processors from all companies like Intel, Celeron, and Pentium, etc.

It is completely ready for the Intel optane memory.

The crossfire technology with 2-way AMD is supported with this motherboard.

As it is developed for the best of the best gaming experience the audio quality added is so immersive that it gives you an out of the world gaming experience.

The bandwidth management and latency are also done according to the online gaming sessions so that along with other games you can enjoy the best of online games.

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GIGABYTE GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming LGA1151 Intel 2-Way SLI ATX DDR4 Motherboard

This particular gaming motherboard is manufactured of Intel processors that are 7th generation or 6th generation.

It embraces Intel USB 3.1 generation 2 as well as USB type-C.

It is compatible with Windows 10 whether 64 bit or 32 bit. Moreover, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users can enjoy the amazing processing abilities of this gaming motherboard.

Another great feature is the USB DAC-UP 2 is added to this motherboard whose voltage can be customized.

In addition, the RGB fusion light show design is integrated that can be personalized according to the user’s preference. 2 LAN chips are incorporated onto the motherboard as well.

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The motherboard is a critical part of any computer. If you are a gaming enthusiast you would know how critical a good motherboard is for playing games without getting interrupted due to the low processing speed of the motherboard.

Gaming motherboards can pump up your gaming experience to the next level especially with the added graphics and audio quality.

These motherboards are completely customizable according to your preferences.


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